Olavo de Carvalho

Mídia Sem Máscara, November 1, 2008

Note—Last Saturday, my son Pedro and a friend of his were verbally abused and threatened with physical aggression by a group of more than twenty Obamaniacs in downtown Richmond, Virginia, for the simple reason that my son’s friend wore a McCain-Palin T-shirt. They were able to escape in my son’s car, but were chased for several blocks by the group of fanatics. This is change we can believe in.

Nothing like this has ever been seen before in human history.

At war with revolutionary Islam, the nearly victorious country is preparing to appoint as its commander in chief a politician enthusiastically supported by Al-Qaeda1, Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Iranian president Ahmadinejad, Muhamar Khadafi, Fidel Castro2, Hugo Chávez, and by all anti-American, pro-Communist, and pro-terrorist forces of the world, without any visible exception.

It is exactly as if, at the height of the Vietnam War, America had elected a Ho-Chi-Minh sweetheart to the White House.

Yet, if you dare to suggest, even mildly, that so many enemies of the United States are in favor of Obama because he must be at least a tiny bit in favor of them, half of the American voters will say you are a hopeless racist, and a goodly portion of the other half will call you deranged, paranoid, and a conspiracy theorist.

It is forbidden to apply to Obama the old common sense rule, “The friend of my enemy is my enemy.” In order to prove their sanity, Americans must piously believe that Obama will do nothing, absolutely nothing in favor of Communists and Islamofascists who love him, but will do everything to defend the nation that he called “Nazi” and the Constitution, which, according to him, is the cause of terrible evils.

If you think that the wager on the Obamic faith is too high and that it would be more prudent to take a closer look at his life, you should realize that this has become practically impossible. He has blocked access, in the United States and in Kenya, to all his documents,3 even the ones dealing with his public life, from his birth certificate to the list of small donors to his campaign, including his student records at Harvard and Columbia, which are at the same time invoked as definitive evidence of his towering intellectual gifts, denied only, it is clear, by stubborn racists. The media deems an insult and a sick presumption any attempt to examine these papers, and three courts, from Pennsylvania, Washington, and Ohio, have already ruled that the common citizen has no right to question even the nationality of Barack Hussein Obama. One must trust his word or take leave of decent society.

But his words do not elucidate anything. He has already made up so many phony stories about his life (that he was a member of the Senate Banking Committee, that his uncle liberated Auschwitz, that his father was a goat shepherd), he has already omitted so much essential data, (that he was a member of a Socialist party, that the genocidal Raila Odinga is his cousin, that he campaigned for Odinga in Kenya, that his brother is starving in a slum in Mombasa, that his aunt is an illegal alien in the United States), and he has concealed is such a way his connections with ACORN and with terrorist William Ayers, Islamic agitator Louis Farrakhan, and the crook Tony Rezko, etc.—that to try to uncover his true biography is almost an impossible mission. His own book of memories, which won him literary fame, is of dubious authorship. Computerized tests in an authorship investigation concluded that the book was not written by Obama, but by William Ayers.

As a last resort, one can try to find something about Obama through witnesses. It is interesting what they tell. The grandmother says that he was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii, as he claims. His Kenyan brothers say that he is a Muslim and not a Christian as he claims. His sister says that he was born in one hospital, while he claims to have been born in another one. The sponsor of his studies in Harvard says that the money was provided by a well-known pro-terrorism agitator. Old friends say that he was always with Frank Marshall Davis when Davis was selling cocaine. Up to now, the only witness to be seriously disproved was a nutcase from Minnesota who said he had sexual relations with then Senator Barack Obama—which, if true, would not raise a shred of the risk to national security contained in the other depositions.

At this point, you may ask, “But why will voters trust the word of someone who has no credibility, whose birthplace is not known for certain, who hides two-thirds of his life and lies about the other third, who is loved by all those who hate the United States and clumsily conceals his affections for their friends?” In Brazil you can ask that, but if you are in the United States, ask it in a whisper. If you dare to display your suspicions in a very audible way, the government will investigate your records, in search of heinous crimes such as tax dues and unpaid traffic tickets, as it did to Joe the Plumber. Or it will send you to jail, as it did to Brent Garner, from Lawrence, Kansas. You also run the risk of having your garage vandalized4 or of being beaten, as happened to some Republican activists.5

The answer to the question on the motives of such groundless trust comprises four elements:

1. The big media, almost entirely owned by Obama’s supporters and sponsors, does not publish anything grievous that is known about him, but makes an awful uproar about the slightest trivia that may hurt the image of his adversaries.6 The double standard, which began in newspapers and TV, ended up permeating all of whole society as a normal habit. Example I: A hanged dummy of Sarah Palin was greeted by the police itself as an innocent and good-humored prank. In the following day, two kids manufactured a dummy of a hanged Obama—and they were arrested. Example II: The young Republican activist Ashley Todd, after claiming to have been robbed, spanked, and cut with a razor with a letter “B” on her right cheek as soon as her attacker noticed her McCain campaign button, suffered a barrage of insults from the media, and very quickly changed her mind and swore that she had made up the whole story. Ashley did not explain whether she had only been robbed and spanked, and made herself the cut on her face, or if there was only spanking, with no robbery or cuts, or if nothing at all happened, and she hit herself until she got a black eye and, not satisfied with the result, proceeded to carve a “B” on her own face. Even though her brief and inconsistent recantation sounded much more unbelievable than the original story, it was promptly accepted as final truth by the whole media. No more questions were asked, and it was thus proved that Republicans are mean enough to disfigure their own face only to lay the blame on a black man and, indirectly, on the most holy Barack Obama. Example III: Signs of violence against the Obama campaign had been missing, but were soon delivered. Two young skinheads who entertained thoughts of shooting Obama, without taking any action to that purpose, were denounced by their own mother. Even though it is virtually impossible to find a single skinhead in Evangelical assemblies, Catholic masses, Republican conventions, or at the Hudson Institute or Heritage Foundation, the fact is: if you wish to be considered Homo sapiens instead of a Pithecanthropus erectus, you must swear that the plan of those two idiots provides ultimate proof that the American conservative movement is racist, Nazist, and murderous by nature.

2. American society believes in the big media because it is not capable of imagining a general and systematic scam like the one that took place in Brazil when all newspapers and TV stations concealed on purpose, for sixteen years, the existence of the São Paulo Forum, the largest enterprise of political delinquency that ever existed in Latin America. As in the title of the famous Sinclair Lewis’s novel, everybody believes that It Can’t Happen Here. Well, it happened.

3. Whatever one says against Obama meets an automatic response: it is racism. Racial blackmailing is so violent, generalized and systematic that the simple fact of saying that there is racial blackmailing proves that you are a racist. Therefore, the monopoly of verbal violence remains with the Democrats, while Obama’s critics retreat behind self-limiting innuendos.

4. What Obama says does not make sense. His speeches, when not totally devoid of content, unceremoniously contradict themselves, and that is exactly why they work so well. Their content has no importance at all. It is just a filler for the active substance, which is constituted of magic appeals and hypnotic messages, in such a way that after a few minutes everyone’s intelligence is numbed to the point of accepting, without the least critical reaction, statements such as: “You will see a light shining from above. You will experience an epiphany and an inner voice will tell you: ‘I must vote for Barack Obama’.” If he proclaimed this by spontaneous faith, he would be called a madman. But as he says it in the best style of Ericksonian Neuro-Linguistic Programming, people will vote for him for president of the most powerful nation in the world.

The combined effects of these four factors are almost miracles of faith, of an atrocious surrealistic character: polls show that three out of four Americans who live in Israel prefer John McCain, but three out of every four Jews residing in the United States, away from Palestinian bombs and close to a TV tuned to CNN, prefer Obama.7



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