Olavo de Carvalho

November 11, 2008

As a correspondent and weekly columnist for Brazilian newspapers, I have received tons of letters and phone calls from my readers demanding an answer to this question. I don’t know the answer. Only John McCain knows the answer. Only he can solve the most opaque, perhaps the most frightening political mystery of the last few decades. Please help me to obtain from him the answer to this question:

At this very moment, a man in the White House has open access to all of America’s military and diplomatic secrets, while his own life and career remain a locked secret for American citizens. Every American presidential candidate since George Washington has opened his private and professional documents to public scrutiny, making transparency, sincerity and truthfulness the first duties of the American presidency. You followed their example: We know who you are, because you showed us the documents that provided proof for every step of your personal, professional and political life. But who is Barack Hussein Obama? He does not allow anyone to see his original birth certificate, his school report, his medical records, his passport, the agenda of his meetings as a Senator, the list of the clients of his law office, the roster of the minor contributors to his electoral campaign, or even his doctoral thesis, so often alleged, ironically, to be proof of his high intellectual standards. Not even Lenin, Stalin, Hitler or Mao were so obsessively secretive. Why did you accept this living pack of secrets, concealments, veils and camouflage to pose as your normal and respectable opponent, instead of demanding of him, as was your right and your duty, the same transparency the American people have required of every presidential candidate? Why should America reveal all her classified information to a man who will not make her privy to even trivial details of his life? Why did you, to your own detriment, help your adversary sell a political behavior that was obviously uncanny, abnormal and threatening as normal, respectable and safe?

My readers in Latin America and your voters in the U.S.A. thank you for your answer.

Olavo de Carvalho