Olavo de Carvalho
Época, September 22, 2001

Read some of the facts that misinformation tries to cover up

While center-stage in Brazil features a procession of professional liars and amateur idiots alerting against George W. Bush’s “paranoia,” as if the September attacks were delirious images dreamed up by the right to justify the mistreatment of defenseless leftists, the analyses of people studying the affairs are kept far from society, in turn unable to understand the events that will shape their lives, in possibly tragic ways, in the coming years.

One of specialists is Colonel Stanislav Lunev, a name completely unknown in this part of the world. A former member of Russia’s Army administration, he is the highest ranking spy to desert the Soviet military, the GRU, in history. Today he is a security consultant for the U.S. government.

At the beginning of the 1990s, he alerted the CIA that Russia, while dismantling the socialist economic system, still maintained its so-called “special organs” intact – especially the GRU – and that these would continue to develop meticulous plans to wage war against the U.S. He noted that “this war could begin with a diversionary operation, some type of terrorist attack.”

Today, following the attacks, he says: “I have no doubt that Russia is behind these terrorist groups, financing them and supplying them.” It’s true that Moscow has declared its solidarity with the U.S., but it also did so during the Gulf War, even while sending technicians and equipment to aid Saddam Hussein. If not for a secret Russian alliance with the Afghanis, how could one explain that this nation, after losing 1 million of its people in combat with Soviet troops and surviving only thanks to American support, could forget its animosity against the aggressor and turn blind rage against the benefactor?

More importantly, Afghani military commander Gulbaddin Hekmatiyar has always been involved in the Soviet incentive scheme and taken advantage of international drug trafficking, as told to American authorities in 1968 by General Jan Sejna, who abandoned his post as spokesman for the party’s Central Committee in the Czech Ministry of Defense. Sejna provided direct testimony to the deals between Soviets and Chinese, since the 1950s, for flooding the U.S. with cocaine and using drugs to finance the Communist revolution in Latin America, which is today in control of Colombia.

In light of this, Colonel Lunev warns that now the escalation of anti-American violence has barely begun and only an energetic and determined response can stop the plans for full-blown war, as stated Ulema-i-Afghanistan, the assembly of Afghani religious leaders, who urge nothing less than the “total elimination of American through force.” This assembly has no authority to declare a jihad for all Muslims, as it is doing, because that declaration can only be approved by an umma, an international community of educated Muslims, according to Koranic law, and the majority of these leaders are staunchly against a war of extermination. But, as I describe below, so-called “Islamic fundamentalists” are stomping on the fundamentals of Islam: their ideology is not that of Islam, it’s rather a type of “theology of liberation,” an abusive and macabre politicization of the Koran’s message. For this reason, they have no scruples in allying with the assassins of their fellow followers against the one country that, in a moment of agony, extended a saving hand to Muslim fighters.