translated by Pedro Sette Câmara


Ever since the fall of the USSR, the agenda of the world’s left has been restricted to the demands of homosexuals, pro-abortion militants, feminists, pedophiles and black racists such as Louis Farrakhan. Such demands may look modest next to the overtly promethean revolutionary goals of the old communist movement, but the truth is that the more concessions these groups obtain from an infinitely compliant society, their cries become more enraged, their ambitions wider, their exigencies more profound and frightful. In the end, the new left wishes to turn humanity upside down, to an extent which if Marx himself were to be faced with the audacity of these proposals, he would turn away horrified as a conservative catholic.

Homosexuals, as an example, who began moaning for the right of not being arrested for the private practice of sodomy between adults, now groan in defense of nothing else than pedophilia, demanding that it is not only tolerated by the rest, but taught in schools. There is, in the USA, a “Man-Boy Love Association”, and nobody dares to accuse its members of being apologists of crime. Everybody knows that whoever does it will be running the risk of getting beaten, arrested, or at least smashed under the feet of the homosexual media lobby, which is probably the most terrible defamatory machine that humanity has known since the end of the activities of the Komintern and of the Propaganda Department of the III Reich.

Black activists began claiming the opportunity to have equal access to the rights and benefits of Western Civilization which the whites had. Now that they have obtained it, they demand that this Civilization be overtly condemned at schools, and that everybody praises African cultures which despised human life and which took arms to preserve slavery when England began to restrain the trade of black slaves. And today the oppressive control of the black pride is so authoritarian that, in the USA, namely the land of the free press, no great newspaper dared to publish one statistic from the Justice Department – which was freely imparted in other parts of the world – showing that the rate of murders of whites by blacks has been growing immensely, either in proportion or in absolute figures, since the advent of the civil rights laws of the Johnson government; laws which, thanks to the perverse inclination of the human heart, specially when worked up by Machiavellian opportunists, ended up producing among its beneficiaries rather resentment than gratitude.

Ecologists, who began by screaming alerts in favour of the endangered species, now demand from the government the prohibition to kill even species which are in ceaseless quantitative growth – like the coyotes whose apocalyptic breeding is threatening the flocks of lambs in the North-American state of Utah to extinction. At the same pace, films of ecological ideology, which began as Arcadian idylls of cows and lions, now portray as a supreme moral standard the bloody destruction of mankind by wolves and leopards – the latter having risen to the condition of vindicating angels acting in the service of some justice divinity from the dark, the technopop counterfeit of the Biblical Jehovah.

As to the feminists, who began demanding simply the right to vote, nothing is more revealing about the nature of their present ambitions than this statement by one of Lorena Bobbit’s friends: “Cutting off her husband’s penis and calling an ambulance to help him just after that, Lorena has become a symbol of the ideal woman of our time.” Non raggionam di lor, ma guarda e passa.

Any adult who, aware of the grotesque absurdity of these right-claiming discourses, restricts himself to laughing at them as mere harmless extravagancies, is only laughing at his own sons’ disgrace, who will be condemned to live in a world where these delirious fancies will be the Law and will have at their side the massive police force of the State to enforce them. A preview of the moral criteria which will guide the life of the future State was already given by President Clinton, who, having granted refuge to all homosexuals who may feel bothered in their native countries, denied the very same right to the Chinese mothers who refuse to abort their babies and to the Chinese doctors who refuse to perform the abortions imposed by the government: our children will live under the guard of a State in which the fantasies of the most frivolous eroticism will be protected by the Law and moral conscience will be repressed as a straying of behaviour.

At this point, every laugh is no more than the superficial expression of something that is, actually, a deep convulsion of fear. Everywhere, relying on a more and more ferocious and insane rhetoric of hate, and on the more and more devastating and global support of the world’s great assets and on millionaire media, along with the complicity of more and more cynical authorities, these movements spread an atmosphere of fear and obsessive self-repression, where the mere thought of being unpleasant to them is enough to fill a person’s mind with the most ominous presentiments.

This atmosphere is unmistakably fascist, and its spread becomes easier as it bases itself more and more on a falsely alarmist discourse directed at the threat of the rebirth of right-wing nationalist regimes which were extinguished fifty years ago – a rebirth that is more strongly denounced as imminent the more one can be sure that the present conditions of global economy make it totally impossible: the dead horse is flogged so that the kick of the living horse be accepted as a demonstration of tenderness.