Jornal da Tarde, May 09, 2002

Translated by Maria Inês P. de Carvalho

The current tide of attacks on Catholic clergy is entirely grounded on a very few cases of pedophilia, registered along more than ten years in several countries. But recurring repetitions of the same old news create an association between pedophilia and Catholicism in the soul of the public, and such identification is even more reinforced by supposedly qualified opinions suggesting the bond between the phenomena and clerical celibacy.

To those whose thinking is based upon stereotypes and clichés, the news are truly astonishing, and the image it conveys is surprisingly convincing.

Let us admit: those who are apt to reason with facts and numbers constitute a trifling minority. But for such minority it is crystal clear that the accusations say the exact opposite of what they will; for what they really show it that pedophilia is less frequent among catholic fathers than among members of any social group we may choose by way of comparison.

As a sample, let me pick two of the major beneficiaries with the church demoralization: on the one hand, gays; on the other hand, the international bureaucracy that today substitutes the clergy in the mission of watching over the childhood welfare.

A recent study by Judith Reisman, the celebrated author of Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, shows that the chances of child harassment by male homosexuals are five times greater than those of male heteros commiting such crimes. In short, homosexual pedophiles are much more relapsing.

Furthermore, among the victims of male pedophiles, there are 20 boys for each girl.

If even such a significant statistic constant doesn’t justify a worldwide stream of anti-gay alarmism, then why would a laughable set of ten cases, carefully clipped by the media, justify the worldwide anti-Catholic prevention?

But even further, when it comes to gays, there’s not a mere statistic constant: there’s the brute fact of induction to pedophilia by representative gay magazines.

In his work “Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement”, soon to be published by Regent University Law Review – though the reviews circulate on the web already -, jurist Steve Baldwin reveals some discoveries he made in the gay bibliography available in the market. Observe these three, randomly gathered from the showcase:

1. Journal of Homosexuality, a prestigious pro-gay publication, published a whole special issue under the grotesquely euphemistical title of “Inter-generational Male Intimacy”, whereon several articles presented pedophilia as a “love relationship”

2. Larry Elder, founder and head of an activist gay group, wrote in his book Report from the Holocaust: “In that cases of childs having sex with older homosexuals, I affirm that frequently, very frequently, the child desires the act and maybe even claims for it” (non-literal translation)

3. The Advocate, one of the most influential gay magazines, regularly advertises a rubber doll, model “Penetrable Boy… available in three teasing positions”!

But saying that the gay community is the pedophiles per capita record-holder would be unfair. For such cup, meanwhile at least, seems to pertain to those ‘saviours’ who took upon the duty of watching over the protection and moral education of the children of the world: the United Nation social workers.

Data of the entity’s general secretary herself give us notice of the fact that, solely in the year of 2001, the number of complaints presented by eastern Africa refugees against those multinational child teasers reached 400. And four hundred episodes in a single year, in a single community, shape – unequivocably I guess – a case of mass pedophilia. And with the repugnant detail that the victims haven’t been gathered in the streets or schools, but among starving and ailing people, the miserable masses, who, in extreme despair, have surrendered in the hands of these monsters, relying innocently on their help promise.

This is a real scandal of worldwide proportions, a crime against Humanity in the most strict sense Nuremberg has defined the expression.

But UN social workers are untouchable. They’re the new clergy, encharged of spreading the “politically correct” gospel of tomorrow’s Humanity throughout the world. To denounce them would be to promote the immediate miscarriage of that so-called “humanist” ideology that inspires all international media assaults on Catholic priesthood.

That is why the world press keeps silent, dissuading the public’s attention to selectively chosen instances where the word “priest” figures as a crime emblem.

After all, doesn’t the Church, just as Christ himself, exist to take away the world’s sins?