The Truth Behind the Fantasy

Olavo de Carvalho
O Globo, September 15, 2001

When a single phenomenon is described in two opposite ways, first by those at the center of the events and then by those who suffered its effects from a distance, the first version is most likely the reality while the second is fantasy. But there’s more to it than that. If we don’t know how fantasy was born from reality itself, we don’t understand the reality.

The clearest example is the New World Order. From Brazil’s perspective, a periphery nation, this concept is merely a new name for U.S. capitalism. From the U.S. perspective, at the center of the debate, it is a socialist project and essentially anti-American.

Obviously the Americans are seeing what is really there, and we, in turn, are delirious as always. Some scandalous facts, mostly hidden from Brazilian public opinion, can reveal this clearly:

1) In the past decade, the U.S. dismantled its nuclear defense system, reducing its stock of atomic weapons to a fifth of the size of the Russian and Chinese reserves, while ceding control of strategic areas like the Panama Canal to Beijin and allowing Chinese spies free reign on American soil.

2) At the same time, the U.S. openly violated its own Constitution by ceding increasingly larger shares of its national sovereignty to the UN, and admitting the interference of international organs into domestic affairs, such as education. As a result, text books adopted in public schools today are infused with anti-American propaganda and rigorously purged of all signs of patriotism and Christianity.

3) U.S. territory has been invaded and taken over by European NGOs backing Indians and ecologist causes. As early as the first half of the 1980s, 10% of the country’s total land area was out of control of citizens’ and the government’s hands, summing up to what was already at that time the largest transfer of real estate in human history.

4) The concessions that the ruling class has made to the New Left since the 1960s have transformed the academic, journalistic, and film establishment into a totally out-of-control anti-American propaganda machine. U.S. universities have become the largest source of Marxist indoctrination on the planet, surpassing the former Soviet university system.

5) The violent repression of any anti-Communism protest disabled the government from preventing Soviet spies and later Chinese spies from infiltrating the FBI, CIA, the National Security Agency, and military intelligence services. Ironically, while the opening of the Moscow Files has retroactively lent credence to Joe McCarthy and proved that the Communist presence in the federal government during the 1950s was even larger than he suspected, and while Soviet and Chinese operatives have admitted that Communist powers spent much more money on psychological warfare in the U.S. during the Vietnam War than on battlefield equipment, the much bigger penetration of the 1970s-90s took place under the auspices of “political correctness” which used the term “fascism” to label those who dared discuss it in the press.

Pretending a nation that disarms and weakens itself to such a point would at the same time be behind the height of global imperialism is absurd to the point of lunacy. The U.S. is not the owner of globalism. It is the first and largest victim of it. It’s true that some large U.S. fortunes influence the forces determining the new state of things. But to confuse the plans of a half dozen monopolistic dynasties with the national interest of the U.S. or with the spirit of liberal capitalism is more than dumb: it’s crazy. Monopolies and liberalism are opposing terms, and many of these monopolistic organizations have already proven their congenital anti-Americanism by financing the two totalitarian regimes that have worked hardest to destroy the U.S.: the Communist Soviet Union, and the Nazis.

Still, this foolishness is not born of nothing. These organizations are the same ones that, alongside the anxiously willing European Economic Community, have subsidized the majority of leftist movements on the globe and now awaken a global wave of anti-American sentiment, clearly present at the Durban Conference. They were the ones also who, under the pretext of anti-racism, installed pro-Communist governments in South Africa and Zimbabwe, which today are guilty of ethnic cleansing that the conference, in its ominous silence, has transformed from hideous crime into a right and merit.

A simple study of the sources of financing for Brazilian scholarships, fellowships, publications and research programs show that, without the help of these helpful monopolistic organizations, all leftist thought would practically disappear from the public eye.

The foolish fantasy, therefore, reveals its entire reason for being: if global monopolies strive in the U.S. to dilute national sovereignty in subservience to the “international community,” then logically they subsidize radical rhetoric in foreign countries that blame the U.S. for the evils of the oppressive New World Order. The oldest trick in the book of the criminal is to demonize the victims.

Leftist intellectuals, after all, always need some money and are drawn to the first carrot dangled in front of their noses. Nobody serves better for manipulations of this type of uneducated, verbose, vain, and foolish intellectual activist which Third World universities annually launch on the market in stunning numbers.

It’s no surprise that, without a clear intellectual vision of what occurs in the world, these persons are equally devoid of moral conscience and, in fighting for good, take the defense of any hideous crime that seems to aim the “bête noire” of their delirium: the Yankee imperialism.

There has been no shortage on this country’s television and in newspapers of those trying to diminish the horror of the September attacks, justifying them as “inevitable consequences” of George W. Bush’s foreign policy, as if complex terrorist operations could be improvised in the few months after the new president took office.

George W. Bush said after the horrors of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that the U.S. was dedicated to “no longer distinguish between terrorists and those who harbor them.” How can one not also include among those protectors people who perform operations of misinformation and psychological warfare in the media, through ignorance or perfidy, whose support can determine the success of any armed aggression?

A Memorable Failure

Olavo de Carvalho

Jornal da Tarde, September 13, 2001

The Durban Conference was a farce and a trap. Its failure was the most logical, just, and healthy thing that has happened in international politics in recent years.

The conference never honestly proposed to fight racism and discrimination, aiming instead to exalt those communities that have the opportunistic support of the world’s left, which, at the same time became accomplice, through a  criminal silence, of the  persecution and violence suffered by politically inconvenient groups.

I’m not talking about Christian and Buddhist religious groups who face genocide in China and Vietnam and to whom the conference turned a blind eye. The mere decision to host the event in South Africa shows the level of cynicism that is present. There, apartheid never ended, it just changed color. Boer farmers are being beaten by the sticks of paramilitary troops, prodded on by the pro-Communist government of Thabo Mbeki. As of last week, 1,118 had already been killed, without a single voice being raised in the government against this “ethnic cleansing.”

The Jewish people are obviously innocent of accusations of racism. They are merely paying for their stupidity. How many Jewish scholars over the years have despised the West, which loved and comforted them, and refused to help those who hated them in return, as much between Israel and the West, as Moses and Christ? Now they have a sample of gratitude from those they protected.

Equally crazy are the Muslims who, in the shared hatred of Israel and the United States, have formed alliances with groups who used to represent bitter enemies as in Russia and China.

Nothing in this world can justify that the sons and daughters of Abraham, in killing each other for whatever purpose, join forces with the offspring of lies. This sin has already cost Christians dearly and is beginning to do the same to Jewish followers. And it is not me who say that tomorrow it will fall on the Muslims. It is the prophet’s voice. Mohammed said: “If your predecessors [Jews and Christians] fall in a pit of serpents, so too will you.”

Who can guarantee the Muslims, so enraged with anti-Israel rhetoric today, that a new declaration of the global government will not emerge tomorrow, under the pretext of protecting women or gays, and expose Islam to the world’s mockery, as it does today with Israel, under the pretext of protecting Palestinians?

All these latent contradictions, muffled under the talking heads of the day, are suddenly brought to the light of conscience in the failure of the Durban Conference.

The failure is even more memorable for revealing the conflict between globalism and U.S. national interests, which leftist propaganda has managed to cover up by blaming the U.S. for all the evils of the New World Order. As highlighted by Henry Lamb in his column in World Net Daily, “what the international community really wants is to place the United States under the control of an international authority. Such would be the ‘global village,’ with the United Nations serving as village administrator. The U.S. has already given up more sovereignty to the UN than the U.S. Constitution permits.”

Let this serve as an alert, while there’s still time left, to all Brazilian nationalists “enrages” who, believing they are shaking the globalist machine that oppresses us,.aim for the U.S.

P.S. This article was ready when the terrorist attacks occurred on September 11. I decided to keep it because it sheds light on the general environment that prepared the ground to the tragedy. The most elucidating point to add is: before the last brick touched the floor, the globalist intelligentsia had already begun pressuring the U.S. not to react, to play nice, and patiently await the decision of the “international community.” It was a psychological war intended to highlight the armed conflict, an effort to take advantage of a dazed victim and encourage further disarmament.

Back to the topic.

Which is the crime?

Jornal da Tarde, August 30, 2001

Translated by Assunção Medeiros

At a moment when the drug-dealing guerrillas of the Farc invade our schools in order to teach our children their genocidal doctrine; at a moment when an organization involved with guerrilla propaganda tries out its power of strategic action, simultaneously blocking almost all the roads in the country – at this moment, journalists and district attorneys join each other in an operation destined to incriminate and abort the investigations that the Army is making on the illegal activities of MST and of other left-wing non-governmental organizations.

If this is not an act of revolutionary misinformation in the best KGB style, then it is at least a substantial support, offered with prodigious lack of conscience and levity, to Fidel Castro’s plan of  “reconquering in Latin America what was lost in East Europe”.

Numbed by 40 years of “Cultural Revolution”, which – without finding the least resistance – made cat’s-paw of its ability of thought, public opinion seems to accept by its nominal value the accusations against the investigation. And it does that without ever asking if the crime under investigation is not a million times graver than mere words, even if offensive, found in an investigator’s report.

When he cries out against the use of the expression “adversary power”, the minister of the Superior Military Court (STM), Flávio Bierrenbach, a man that owes his political career to leftist support, shows no consideration to the fact that propaganda or the training of guerrillas really are things adverse to the democratic regime.

If the Army consents to “give explanations”, instead of accusing those who tie the hands of the legal powers to give way to communist aggression, then we will have installed in this country, overnight, as if by magic, a new legal order, where the fomenting of guerrillas will be done under the protection of the State, and the opposition to it will be crime. We go to sleep in the arms of a decomposing democracy, and will awake in the claws of a newborn communist dictatorship.

I ask myself whether the newspaper that – in partnership with the district attorneys – created this Kafkian situation is not aware of the fact that, with this, it went far beyond mere journalistic defamation of the Armed Forces and became an instrument of the revolutionary mutation of the regime. I ask myself and I answer myself: it cannot be unaware of what it does, for, in its edition of July 7, 1993, the same newspaper gave the news, in alarming tones, of the infiltration of leftist agents in the Federal Police and in the Ministry of Justice. What pretext could it have now to ignore that it has become an accomplice of these same people to do what it was once afraid they would do?

Instead of stopping its investigations, intimidated by the media, what the Army should do is to investigate further. It should investigate who are these district attorneys who, in an inquiry done “under secrecy of justice”, invite journalists to violate this secret. What is the connection of these people with CUT, with PT, with MST? Did the espionage service from MST itself collaborate in this operation? Or is it licit for the MST to spy on the Army, but not for the Army to spy on MST? And those journalists, in their turn, are they collaborators, militants or “travelling companions” of the same organizations accused in the report from the Army? To make a long story short: under the appearance of a mere journalistic scandal, is what we see not a lethal blow destined to neutralize beforehand any possibility of anticommunist national resistance?

Or is it forbidden to ask these things?  Is the simple fact of speaking them enough to turn me into an “adversary force”? Are we already in the new Brazil announced by Fidel Castro, in which it will be crime to oppose communist action?

Two promising reasons suggest that it is not so. The courageous statement made by the commander of the Army in the Day of the soldier shows that our land force is not ready to be made an accomplice of the scheme set up against it. And the decision of the court, which determined the devolution to the Army of the documentation apprehended in Marabá, also shows that the Judiciary Power is not ready to be an instrument of its own destruction.

But – let no one doubt this – the scandal set up around the documents from Marabá might be only the first chapter of the story. After all, it was through the scandal industry that Adolf Hitler put the German Armed Forces on their knees and transferred to his party the control of the intelligence services. And if there is any trace that most clearly defines the mentality of revolutionary movements of all shades, it is their ability to try again.

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